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Please be Patient, this site is a work in progress....

it is not intended to be a full blown "Sales Site"... It is currently setup to simplify helping to serve my local customers Electric Cigarettes and E-Juices needs for Centralia, IL and surrounding areas in Southern IL.

References are available, just ask :-)

The main focus of these pages is on the "Juices" or E-Juices for refillable Electronic Cigarettes or "Personal Vaporizers" (the more accurate term) These Juices can be mixed in whatever Flavor & Nicotine strength you prefer, or I can help you choose after you explain your current smoking habits/preferences to me.

I try to keep a variety of  assorted starter kits immediately available for people just starting to switch from smoking to Vaping, (for example, the basic $40 kit that will keep a pack-a-day Smoker going for 3 weeks to a month, with an approximate monthly "Refill/renew" cost of about $25)   Compare that to 30 packs of cigs at $5.00 or more!!

But I will also try to explain the options above the simplest starter kits, because if you scrimp too much, you may be put off by the Vaping experience, and return to those god-awful regular cigarettes. (and If you have only tried one of the gas station disposable e-cigs... You have NOT Tried "Vaping"!!) 

Even the simplest kits I have are "Upgradeable" - Meaning you can start at the bottom, then after you are sure it will work for you, you may want to upgrade to a longer lasting or spare battery, or possibly a better Atomizer (or "Tank")

***Whatever your preference, even if it is not in stock, you will not normally have to pay extra shipping charges.***

And I will help however I can, but REMEMBER the Absolute Most important Goal is to get Away From Regular Cigarettes!!! For Your Own Health... for your Family & Loved ones Benefit... and let's not forget the Financial Advantage (a Pack-a-day Smoker could easily save $150+ per month!!...) AND Maybe not have to stand out in the cold to get your Nicotine fix! LOL